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vinyl sheet piles are resistant to corrosion and UV radiation

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ShoreGuard has provided material for profitable and sustainable building sea dikes and other structures piling, easier installation and lasts a lifetime, uncoated or toxic conservatives.

ShoreGuard vinyl sheet piles are resistant to corrosion and UV radiation, as well as being immune to the activity of marine worms, which has made them the preferred choice of engineers and contractors worldwide.

In the same way and for many of the same reasons, ShoreGuard provides better solutions not only for sea dikes, but also for retaining walls, retaining walls and other water control structures. ShoreGuard has been rigorously tested by various government agencies, industry experts and independent laboratories.

In the last two decades, in our facility we have been recycled hundred million kilograms of plastic that would otherwise have ended buried in landfills. ShoreGuard manufactured in more than 90% recycled material.


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