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Alternative Energy Services Offshore

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The energy production frontiers are being redefined by technologies that can harness the power of the marine environment, to transform energy produced by the tides, the waves, the wind and the sun and reduce the impact of fossil fuels.


Using a range of disciplines, Oceanus leveraging engineering and science, analysis leads to identify critical variables specific details of the site, cost, time, permits and licenses.

These studies include the following:

* Environmental Studies
* Review
* Permits
* We have extensive experience integrating environmental documents, planning and permits. We have prepared studies and recommendations implemented in various aquatic environments.

Full Service Solutions

Oceanus offers a complete solution for renewable energy systems. We handle everything from design to maintenance to.

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 Installed CGU projects 9M Outdoor Lighting Company Overview
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We own tools for designing systems

Large amount of data compared with our experience engineering to design the right system in minutes

High performance
CGU designs and manufactures vertical wind turbines market leaders
also it has solar panels and energy storage technology
Built for the most demanding terrain
Maximum durability and design average, as well as remote monitoring system


Oceanus capabilities focus on coastal processes, marine structures, hydraulics, navigation and sediment transport. Our team used numerical modeling to calculate currents, circulation and water quality, calculated wave generation and transformation, leading consulting and modeling of fish habitats, mitigation and restoration of habitats and evaluate the behavior of the sediment. Oceanus specializes in developing and implementing designs that make the marine environment.


• Measurement and Research marine environment
• Geo technical investigationss
• Analysis and structural design
• Design of foundation
• Plans sediment and erosion control 
• Plans for the prevention of water pollution in rainfall and hurricanes
• Design and planning of dredging


Oceanus has executed many projects, our construction services include,

• Estimated cost and time
• Turnkey construction (allowing billing with a single entity from the phase of permits to start)
• Contracts at fixed price or refundable (designed to incorporate preferred for turbine generators and other equipment suppliers).



Social Responsibility


USA: + 1  786 322 1187
Netherlands: + 31 202 410937
Mexico City: + 52 555 985 4346
Cancun: +52 998 161 00 66
Colombia: + 57 321 250 54 17
Bogotá: + 57 1 383 58 54




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