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Seeking to solve our clients needs, we offer our customers a complete solution for their coastal engineering necessities, from project planning, monitoring to long term maintenance, our legal projects will always consider an approach which will guarantee a long lasting solution for our clients properties.

We provide Environmental Impact Assessment EIA, or its equivalent in each country.

These are requirements that need to be elaborated in order to present the project to the authorities for approval. We provide the best combination of technology and consultants to solve our customer’s needs.



Our special concessions and permits to extract Aragonite Sand from Sandy Cay in the Bahamas, allows us to fill a hopper boat to ship and export to any port in the world, this is ideal for beach recovery projects and artificial beaches. This reduces environmental impact on beaches that have been over dredged, and other areas where material is no longer acceptable for beach recovery projects or places where sand is not available.

We have all authorizations and permits required to export towards any port, we will guide our clients and help them with the legal/environmental issues in each specific country or region, to make the operation as easy as possible.

*Our prices are the best in the market.


Oceanus® offers its customers a complete service, taking into account legal, environmental and engineering aspects of each project to be undertaken.

It is important to consider the laws in each country, taking into account ecological zoning plans, past projects, environmental decision takers in each country, past private or government concessions, amongst others. 

We can define feasibility on which technology or which combination of technologies best fits our clients needs, as well as logistics, to fit the most convenient program which is cost conscious and easy to approve by the authorities in each region.


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