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Oceanus® has experts in biology, engineering and hydrology for relevant studies and detail engineering based on studies, numerical modeling approaches, designing a customized solution for coastal protection needs to provide a solution that guarantees its long-term investment

Geocilindros ®


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The Geocilindros® are custom made, using sewing techniques that resist high pressures during pumping operations, with much resistance especially to withstand extreme environmental conditions such as salt water, high temperatures and sun exposure.

The Geocilindro® is placed at a distance from the beach to absorb the force of the waves.

  • Like this or artificial reef projects are carried out under a simple embodiment having high impact results in a short-term, quickly stopping erosion.

    • Safeguarding coastal infrastructure of waves and severe storms.
    • Control erosion.
    • Flood protection.
    • Increase the beach profile.
    • Enjoying good protection for the port, operational, commercial or recreational use of the coast.
    • Temporary or permanent protections.

    The coastal protection is performed by designing and placing large geotextile bags filled with sand or concrete barriers to serve multiple purposes beneficial, we have our own factory, allowing us to offer customers any size or design at the best price market.

    Gabions Marine Oceanus®


    In engineering, the gabions are containers of stones retained with wire mesh or plastic to prevent corrosion. Are placed at the foot of work disarmed and, once in place, are filled with local stones.

    As the operations of armed and stone fill requires no expertise, using gabions can execute works that would otherwise require much more time and specialized operators.

    Gabions plastics do not suffer structural damage from rust or corrosion.

    Oceanus® has its own factory can offer customers gabions measures that suit you best.

    Modular reefs AMA


    We manufacture modular structures using our concrete mixtures of different shapes and sizes depending on customer needs, with this we can create homogeneous structures of modular parts, creating very aesthetic designs with an environmental focus and an appeal that raises the value of your property while protecting the onslaught of wave energy.

    • • Protect coastal infrastructure in the long term severe storms to Category 5 hurricanes.
    • • Create an artificial invaluable, stable, durable and barrier reef rich in marine biomass for healthy reproduction of flora and fauna.
      • Full control erosion and if there is sand in the system to increase the profile of the beach.
      • Enjoying good protection for recreational, ports, operational or commercial use of the coast.

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