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Oceanus® has experts in geology, engineering and hydrology to administer and supervise all the necessary studies required to define the best option for the recovery of our clients beaches, as well as the modeling of a unique design, tailored to their property to give protection and ensure long life or our clients investments around the world .

We offer studies, detailed engineering, and legal management. We carry out the construction part of the project and provide long-term maintenance, allowing customers to invoice the entire process with a single supplier.

* We offer customers a turnkey solution. Studies, Engineering, Management, Project Maintenance.


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We can

• Increase the beach profile.
• Provide the client with good recreational and / or commercial use of the beach all year round.
• Protect coastal infrastructure of storms and floods in the immediate and long-term approach
• Reassure the customer certainty of a highly unpredictable asset, their beach.

*The following technologies examples of some of the devices that are applied to obtain the best results and provide an immaculate recovery of beaches and land proclamation:

Artificial Modular Reefs AMA ®

The beach recovery carried out by designing and placing a marine barrier with low environmental impact along the coast based on artificial modular reefs AMA®. This process is eco-efficient from start to finish, the structures are modular, and are built and rinsed out and away from the beach and any body of water.

According to the characteristics of the beach profile, the surf, the sand available in the system, we scientifically develop each AMA® project in a proper configuration and density, defining size and specific characteristics.

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Oceanus Marine Geocylinder®

It is widely used to form what is known as segmented wave breaker, these are placed at a distance from the beach, to absorb the force of the waves.

Artificial reef and Geocylinder projects protect our client’s properties by immediately controlling the negative effects of erosion.

Designing and placing large geocylinders (bags filled with sand or concrete) form barriers to serve multiple beneficial purposes perform the coastal protection.


•Geocylinders or Geotubes, are big bags made of geotextile fabric designed for high resistance to weare and tear from natural conditions. Generally used for marine construction and / or modification of the environment.

• Geocylinders allow filtering the sludge with high flow, allowing the passage of liquid effluent through the walls, while the solids are retained.

• Our Geocylinders are custom made, using sewing techniques that resist high pressures during pumping operations, with much resistance especially to withstand extreme environmental conditions such as salt water, high temperatures and sun exposure.

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Sand Pumping

Dredging services have a major stake in any port or coastal project. Its applications are more diverse and include the movement of muds and sand through mechanical or hydraulic dredging. We have the ability to carry out projects that range in sizes requiring a combination of submersible pumps up to hopper dredges for the movement of large amounts of sediment.
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Buoy Installation

We have equipment and personnel to install academic, military and/or recreational buoys and markers.


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