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Beach Maintenance and Keep Up

We can help you:
• Ensure the long life of our clients investments on the coast.
• Control erosion.
• Pump sand to create or maintain artificial and natural beaches.
• Maintain good recreational and / or commercial use of the beaches throughout the year.
• The equipment the we use used is hydraulic or electric, submersible, waterproof and soundproof.
• We can repair and maintain our clients natural and Artificial dunes.
•  We can Remove Algae and Sargassum from the surf zone with sargassum deflectors, sargassum harvesters and even use this to produce methane gas.
• Beach recovery and land proclamation
According to the specific project, maintenance services are designed according to the needs and obstacles found of each site. 



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Maintenance Dredging Harbors, Marinas and Wharves.

• Breakwater monitoring, maintenance and repair
• Artificial Reefs monitoring, maintenance and repair
• Pumping Sand
• Dredging
• Remove algae and beach cleanup
• Artificial dunes
• Beach Recovery and land proclamation

According to the problems of each site, a definitive strategy is proposed,

Maintenance, creation, expansion and cleaning of lakes and canals

• Improve the quality and clarity of water
• Increase depths
• Improve navigation
• Remove sediment and excess nutrients
• Remove invasive algae and aquatic plants
• Uncover natural springs
• Remove odors and toxic gases

Maintenance, Exploration, Cleanup, Cenotes, caves and caverns.

• Increase depths inside cavern veins and caves
• Create routes to dive and snorkel
• Improve the quality and clarity of water
• Remove sediment and excess nutrients
• Remove invasive algae and aquatic plants
• Uncover the springs, remove odors and toxic gases
• Ilumination of caves and caverns

We do mapping, lighting, pumping, sludge cleaning, removal of rock and roots, among other things.

• The submersible electrical equipment is silent and eco friendly
• The discharge line of the material can be extended by thousands of meters and the removed material may be contained in pens or large geotextile bags to retain, remove or reuse.
• The life of the aquatic ecosystem is improved

According to the project of dredging the service is conducted in such craft dredge or electric submersible pumps high power operated certified divers. We are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Coastal Erosion and Solutions



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